Remember when facebook was sometimes interesting?

Something to consider. If you feel that more people are starting to agree with your point-of-view, and thus you are feeling justified in posting and liking anything that supports your own moral/religious/political views, then you might also want to at least consider the possibility that the bubble you are in is shrinking.

If you think that doesn’t apply to you outside of facebook perhaps, then I would ask, do you like to blanket label people as liberal or conservative? If so, then I think it very likely does apply to you. Applies to me too, but I like to think I’m trying.

It’s definitely my choice to login to facebook, and I can (and do) ignore many things I see there. And no one ever asks my opinion, so I never give it. But I remember when facebook was primarily a place to share photos with family and friends, keep up-to-date with distant acquaintances, and maybe show off your life a little. Now, simply logging in puts so many things in my face that I don’t care about and or vehemently disagree with, that it has become counter productive to bother doing so. The ratio of my “that’s cool” to my “wtf?” thoughts has heavily skewed in the wrong direction. I suppose it’s highly dependent on one’s ‘friends’ list. But I’ve continually whittled my list down just to the people I care about, and it’s still toxic. That’s sad.

To my type A personality friends that are generally overly confident and loud in whatever they do (you fill up my facebook feed more than anyone else) … I’d ask you to remember that just because a person is usually quiet doesn’t mean they don’t have a very strong viewpoint on things. And quite possibly, a viewpoint different than your own. And they might be the type person that will defend their viewpoint if ever truly necessary. For as long as it takes.

In the meantime, as for me I’ll just try to ignore you unless you insist on making it impossible. I suspect there are more people out there like me.

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