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Weekly Random: #139

Miscellaneous High resolution Rosetta images reveal dunes on the surface of comet Rosetta mission blog Discussion on reddit 3 different ways to breathe PhotoMath – Mobile app that solves equations from realtime text recognition Apollo Robbins: The art of misdirection Issac Asimov on … Continue reading

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3D Printing at the UPS Store

Here are my first tests using the 3D printing services now offered at the local UPS store: These objects are connectors for combining Legos and Lincoln Logs.  Many more similar type connectors are available for download as part of the … Continue reading

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Weekly Random: #138

Other I’m Not Gonna Miss You – Glen Campbell  (His last song. He is now in final stages of Alzheimer’s) Miscellaneous IRIS+ Personal Drone – Quadcopter w/ HD video, auto-following, path control via smartphone, ~$1500 ELI5: Why are there inconsistent costs of … Continue reading

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Weekly Random: #137

Misc Animator vs. Animation IV How does a knife cut things at the atomic level? Technical Cubic Bezier Curves – Under the Hood Extended examples Path Finding Algorithms – Interactive Visualization CSS Guidelines Draggable CSS Gradients Analysis of the Shellshock … Continue reading

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