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Using com0com and RealTerm on Windows 8 (x64) & 8.1

Every new version of Windows seems to make this harder. (See updates below for windows 8.1 x64)

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Weekly Random: #89

Misc Smart Guy Productivity Pitfalls Legos Mindstorms EV3 due Fall 2013 Gourmet Jello Shots Hacker News Parody Thread SmartBot Camera Robot Word Trees Wealth Inequality in America What schools don’t teach Children and their most prized possessions around the world … Continue reading

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TED Talk Roundup: #1

A summary of some of my favorite TED talks (and a couple of interesting related links) that I’ve watched. I’m fairly certain any one of these will be more interesting than whatever is on TV. Excellent The Puzzle of Motivation … Continue reading

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