“Why we get fat” by Gary Taubes

Gary Taubes is the author of Why We Get Fat.  I recently read this book out-of-curiosity, and I found it to be really interesting.  It provides science based theories that can explain much of the anecdotal evidence that I have observed personally when it comes to nutrition and fat loss. Namely, it provides compelling explanations as to why the calories-in/calories-out dogma for good health does not often seem to reflect reality.

I am not an expert in this field by any means.  In fact, I suspected this book and the ideas  presented would be somewhat controversial with people that are experts in health and nutrition.   So even though I was pumped after reading this book that I might have learned something new, I still went on the internet to read all the points and counter points.  …and wow.  It’s frustrating to read completely opposing (sometimes vehemently so) thoughts from people that are well respected experts on both sides.

It seems like this topic should be one of science with proveable theories, and yet so far, that seems not to be the case. Each side can present hundreds of “studies” to prove that their view is the only correct one. I have decided that for now, the choice will have to be made on faith as to whether or not I think the views presented in this book are valid.  At least for now.

Online reading material (for after you’ve read the book):

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