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Useful Visual Studio/Resharper Shortcuts

Useful non-obvious shortcuts: ctrl-minus back to previous position ctrl-shift-minus forward to previous position alt-end navigate to derived symbol works on various symbol types shift-alt-l locate in solution explorer <resharper> No one that has used and learned IDEs like IntelliJ or … Continue reading

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“Why we get fat” by Gary Taubes

Gary Taubes is the author of Why We Get Fat.  I recently read this book out-of-curiosity, and I found it to be really interesting.  It provides science based theories that can explain much of the anecdotal evidence that I have observed personally when … Continue reading

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Weekly Random: #85

Excellent Sherwood Anderson’s advice to his son Best of Kickstarter 2012 Coder cowboy’s life and career review for 2012 Sophie Schmidt on traveling with Eric to North Korea What’s it like to rejoin society after a long prison sentence? – … Continue reading

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