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Weekly Random: #59

Funny Programming: College vs. Real Job Geography Lesson Worf. No. If browsers were guns Miscellaneous Mark Twain on Death Philosorapter asks an interesting question Philosorapter asks another interesting question Digging out using RC Tractors & Trucks What is the method … Continue reading

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Tomcat 7 startup time with metadata-complete

For anyone using Spring Framework with Tomcat 7, be sure to research the new annotation scanning (servlets-2.5) and web fragment (servlet-3.0) features of J2EE6. It’s enabled by default in Tomcat 7.   The result when using Spring’s annotations, is that … Continue reading

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Weekly Random: #58

Miscellaneous Cockpit view of landing in LAX Behind the yellow line at the super bowl RC Quadrocopter camera platforms An Interview with Warren Ellis on Newt Gingrich, Space Realism and Future America Contradicting Atheist CTS-V Coupe, Sedan, or Wagon? “The … Continue reading

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