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Weekly Random: #50

Cool Rendering Synthetic Objects into Legacy Photographs Reminds of the Scene7 suite (now owned by Adobe) A legos mindstorm clock  Miscellaneous Parenting – by Jeff Atwood Dropping out is probably not for you Tom & Jerry A battlestation thread gone … Continue reading

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Weekly Random: #49

Interesting Quantum Levitation Explanation and science behind it Lytro light field camera Cockpit video of an F1 lap Heavier Why not space Mark Cuban My soapbox advice to the OWS movement Thoughts on our federal government, taxes, and small business … Continue reading

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Weekly Random: #48

Misc An Interview for the Ages (Jesse LeGreca) Bank Consolidation (Fact Checking) Why I need to quit Facebook Draw a Stickman Pumped Up Kicks | Dubstep – Remix. Dancer: Marquese Scott “No one wants to die. Even people who want … Continue reading

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