Nokia and Microsoft

wow. What a storm this has kicked up in the developer community.

I’m kind-of frustrated as well and I don’t even have any skin in the game.  On the mobile side, this play makes a lot of sense for both companies (and especially benefits Microsoft).  But from a native desktop application point-of-view, Nokia is also strongly insinuating that the Qt Framework is going to have a slow death.  I’d like to see that fully confirmed before going off like a lot of people are, but if so, that framework is/was simply one of the best pragmatic options for native GUI development across the main desktops OSes.  If it dies, now what… WPF/.NET, Cocoa/ObjC, GTK/C++, AIR/ActionScript, Swing/Java, SWT/Java?  All of those have significant limitations.

I feel for the developers that spent time and money developing on Qt Mobile for Nokia’s Ovi store.

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