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Weekly Random: #30

Interesting A Study in Contrasts The Varieties of Beer Facebook Fact We have to go Deeper AMA: I Own a Ferrari F430 Technical Differences between IBM Watson and Wolfram|Alpha View in to the Internals of Qt Team

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Goodbye to an Old Friend

I took kt004 to the electronics recycling plant over the weekend.  This was a high-end laptop bought while working at IconMedialab in St. Louis. It built the Wear-Dated RFID kiosk, held Prada docs, weathered a few electric shorts due to … Continue reading

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Weekly Random: #29

Visuals Then & Now in Photos High-Res Panorama of Sistine Chapel World’s Fastest Game of Hide-And-Seek Visualization of HIV Not Required Reading How to Become Batman Tech Guy commits genome to Github and Forks Inside story of HBGary Hack

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Design Idea #206

Jill thought it wasn’t serious enough.

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Weekly Random: #28

Econ US Manufacturing – Blame Productivity Okay Superb Blender3D Demo Reel – Hope he gets the job Genius – A Screw Top Bag Ouch Technical Taking on Anonymous – Fascinating. IRC logs were hilarious. Consultant Company Accounting

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Nokia and Microsoft wow. What a storm this has kicked up in the developer community. I’m kind-of frustrated as well and I don’t even have any skin in the game.  On the mobile side, this play makes a lot of sense for … Continue reading

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Weekly Random: #27

Excellent The Google Art Project Selections from National Geographic’s Visions of Earth Maybe Interesting 30 Days without Facebook Optimal Employment 2 Paths to Success for Children (?) (Counter point to Amy Chua’s Chinese Style Parenting) (Amy Chua’s Daughter’s Followup) Politics, … Continue reading

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